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We stock a terrific selection of food for cats and dogs, all our food products a mostly Canadian made ingredients. All food is made of real meat, chicken, beef, turkey, duck, veal/lamb, No Animal By-Products, or Fillers are used in the process. There are real carrots, peas, garlic, fruits are also added such as apples, pomegranates, and other sources of Omega Acids, to ensure proper nutritional values are met to ensure a healthy diet for your dogs/cats.

Some other packaged items include oats, egg food, breakfast cereal, and bean mixes. We also stock a full selection of vitamins and natural supplements. We carry the following brand of Foods well known in the industry.......Like, IRAWSISTIBLE,  CARNIVORA, GO, TASTE OF THE WILD, ADDICTION and HEALTHY PET. just to name a few of our selections. We also carry Dry Food, Freeze-Dried/Fresh Frozen, Natural Kibble. in both cats and dog. We do have a selection of Wet Foods .